Baggio Staunton Chess Set

Could this be the most spectacular ultra high quality Staunton pattern chess set available at the moment? We think it could be! When these sets arrived in a shipment from India and we are astounded at the quality of the workmanship. The Baggio chess set is simply magnificent! The king comes with three optional finials so that you can fit whichever you prefer and change later if you like. The knights are extraordinary and breathtaking when seen and handled close up, just look at the details, the mane, the features of the face and head! All expertly carved in genuine Indian Ebony and Boxwood, the chess set is triple weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very satisfying thud on the chess board. This is a large full club-sized set and is very impressive on display. 

The king stands 4.5" (11.4cm) tall with a base diameter of 1.9" (4.8cm). We recommend an extra large board with this set.

Chess pieces only, boards sold separately.

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