Empire Staunton

We don't know how to do justice to this chess set in words and pictures. When this set arrived the staff of Chessafrica were astounded at the magnificent regal classiness of this set. It has become an instant favourite with us. Pictures do not convey the sheer presence of this chess set. It is really large and chunky and very heavy, yet elegant at the same time. The deep red wood tone is great to look at, it is an irresistible chess set and you cannot help but want to handle the pieces. The knights are absolutely stunning, contrasting with the simplicity of the other pieces, they are works of art finely hand carved.  Crafted from rare Redwood/Bud Rosewood and Boxwood, the pieces are triple weighted for stability and that great hand feel with a satisfying thud on the chess board. 

The king stands 4.1" (10.4CM). We recommend an extra large board with this set.

Chess men only, boards are sold separately. 

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