Trio Staunton Chess Set

Introducing the new Trio Staunton chess set. The Trio set is awesome quality! The knights are exquisite and feature incredible detail, hand carved by our master craftsmen. The teeth of the knights are individually carved, a mark of the finest craftsmanship in chess, as are the sharp points of the queen's crown. Note the trio of rings turned into the necks of the pieces and the incredibly fine detail of the king's finial. These small details combine in a chess set of the very finest quality available anywhere. Each piece is a work of art expertly carved in genuine Indian Ebony and Boxwood, the set is triple weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very satisfying thud on the chess board. 

The king stands 4" (10.2 cm) tall, the set weighs in at about 1.6 kg and is supplied with extra queens. A large or extra large board will work with this set.

Chess pieces only, boards are sold seperately.

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