Backgammon 16" - Imperfect Shipment Discounted by 60%

We received stock of 16" Backgammon sets from a new supplier which are not up to our standards. They all have various issues including staining on the wood finishes, loose felting or scratches and other imperfect finishing. The issues will not impact in the playability of the sets. We cannot offer products that do not meet our high standards for general sale so these have been made available at well below cost, only to our subscribers. You will note some of the discolouration to the finishing on the product photos. There will be no returns offered on these Backgammon sets, know up front that your set will not be perfect.  We cannot tell you what will be wrong with your set as we will not inspect them individually so you will be taking a chance on this purchase.

The dimensions of these sets are:

Closed - 40.5 cm X 22.5 cm
Open - 40.5 cm X 45 cm


Collections: Backgammon, Special Offers

Type: Backgammon

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