Robben Island Political Chess Set & Board

The amazing Robben Island Political Chess Set, represents the dark struggle days of our South African history. Battle the forces of apartheid right there on your chess board! Nelson and Winnie Mandela square up against Mr & Mrs FW De Klerk.

On the Mandela's side you will find Archbishop Desmond Tutu (bishop) a journalist (knight) and the Robben Island lighthouse (rook) the pawns are Robben Island political prisoners.

On the De Klerk's side Mr & Mrs FW De Klerk with Pik Botha (bishop), Eugene Terblanche (knight), NG church (rook) the pawns are SAP officers.

The set comes complete with an awesome chess board made from Kiaat wood all packed in a rather lovely gift box. This is the ultimate gift set for anyone interested in South African history. Makes for an awesome display set which is sure to be a conversation piece.

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