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Three-Player Chess Set (Pieces and Board)

Three-Player Chess Set (Pieces and Board)

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From the Polish master craftsmen of Sunrise. We have a very interesting variation of chess which includes a third player. This version was invented by an Italian Philip Marinelli in 1722 and is a challenging and different alternative to standard chess.

The detail on the hexagonal wooden board is burned in and the pieces are made of hornbeam and beech wood. The pieces are stored inside the board divided by colour in three green flocked compartments. There are two very exciting variants. The first in which the player who achieves checkmate acquires the defeated players pieces and continues the battle with the third player. In the second variant the first defeated player's pieces become static (but can be taken) while the remaining players battle till the end.

A full rule set is included with this set. The board when open measures 53.5 CM corner to corner.

*Damaged External Boxes Only

Note the internal flock colour has been changed from red to green. 

You can watch the guys from Big Bang Theory playing their own version of three-player chess below:


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