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Seize the opportunity to acquire the finest wooden chess equipment at unmatched prices, and let the games begin in style! Get those Christmas gifts ready without having to break the bank!

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  • Ian

    "Beautiful to look at, a pleasure to hold and a joy to play. My children are loving it, playing 10 to 20 games a day, which is really exactly what I had hope for. Worth the investment!"

  • Elizabeth van der Merwe

    "Firstly, I was extremely impressed at the service delivery offered by the Chessafrica team. They delivered my parcel within a matter of a few days! In terms of quality, it doesn't get better than this! I display the set in my lounge and I always get compliments for it. This is a great investment that I highly recommend. Worth every cent!"

  • Erin

    "This board is utterly beautiful and the perfect accompaniment to the Staunton set I bought my dad for his birthday. He kept remarking how beautiful it was and it filled me with joy to see him so happy, as he’s never had a quality chess board before."

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