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July 22, 2017


SA Open Chess Championships 2017 - All Done!

We were at the SAOCC and met many of you our customers and friends. We had a great time interacting with you, thank you so much for popping around to see us! The spirit and enthusiasm amongst the competitors from all over South Africa was great.

We ran a competition over the course of the championships and we are pleased to announce the winner - Keotshepile!

Check your mailbox, we have sent you an email, please get in touch so that we can deliver your prize to you.

Once again to all who entered the SAOCC 2017, well done to you and especially the winners!

See you all soon.

July 12, 2017


SA Open Chess Championships 2017

Chessafrica will be there!

The SA Open Chess Championships 2017 will be held at Glenwood High School in Durban. Registration and the opening ceremony will be on Friday 14 July at the venue from 12:00. Final rounds and prize giving on 22 July.

Come and meet us, we would love to see you. We will be displaying some of our great products for you to see and buy at great prices. See you at the chess event of the year!





May 31, 2017


Customer feedback

Olivier wanted a new chess set for his vintage chess table. After much deliberation he chose our Staunton No 2, the Royal Set. After receiving the set he said - "I received the pieces this morning. They are perfect for my table. Thank you very much; It was very quick !"

Olivier sent us a picture of his new set on his vintage chess table and we think it looks great! Good choice Olivier and thank you for sharing!



December 01, 2016


Magnus Carlsen wins on his birthday!

Congratulations Magnus! Magnus Carlsen the world chess champion retains his title at the 2016 World Chess Championship on his birthday, what a birthday gift! Watch the after match press conference here:

October 07, 2016


New Chess Sets and Old Chess sets

We have just added two new designs to our inventory, The English Warhorse and the Red & Black Lacquered sets. Both are high quality wooden Staunton Pattern sets and are really great value for money. These and several other new variants and re-stocks of our older designs were purchased as part of a large consignment from our first supplier from India. The owner has retired and closed his business so these designs may never be seen again, at least not the exact same ones. Some of them were in very limited stock of a single or two or three sets. So if you have been eyeing out one of our original sets, be sure to get them now before they are gone forever! The new English Warhorse and Red & Black Lacquered sets which are also in very limited quantities are pictured below:
March 12, 2016


Welcome 2016!

The new year is well under way! Hard to believe isn't it? Chessafrica had a good year in 2015, we are now almost half way into our second year of trading. Thank you sincerely to all those that have supported our new venture. We have some exciting things lined up for 2016. Below is a sneak preview of a brand new chess set that is under development that we are considering for release a bit later this year, what do you think of it? It's so new that the set does not even have a name yet. Any suggestions would be welcomed so that we can pass it on to the designer. We look forward to continue to bring the best chess products in the world to South Africa. Have a great 2016 all of you!


March 12, 2016


Chess becoming compulsory in schools?

More and more countries across the world are adopting chess as compulsory learning in their school systems. In a recent address by KZN Education MEC Peggy Nkonyeni she stated "That chess lessons could be offered to all mathematics learners in order to improve their mathematical skills;"

Many international studies have proved that regularly playing chess significantly improves children's numeracy and language skills and raises IQ levels. A recent study conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in the UK suggests that chess should be compulsory in the learning curriculum for children from the age of seven. The study also revealed that most private schools in the UK and Europe offer chess, placing children in public schools in the UK at a disadvantage.

In February 2015 Spain adopted chess as a compulsory school subject following the example of Armenia. Many countries like India and the Nordic countries actively promote playing chess in schools through government funded programmes. 

Is chess going to be compulsory in South African schools, who knows? Should it be a compulsory school subject in our schools? Absolutely!