Staunton Hand Carved

The worlds finest Staunton chess men are hand crafted in India. The game of chess as we known it originated in India more than 500 years ago. India's craftsmen have been hand carving chess men for 500 years and today most of the worlds top chess stores import their premium Staunton sets from India one of the the last outposts of true master craftsmen when it comes to wooden Staunton sets. 


Our sets come from India's finest old school chess set makers.  The sets are carved from various Indian wood types. They are of exceptional quality and come in three different grades Standard, Premium and Heirloom quality. All will last for many years but the Heirloom sets will last many decades beyond your lifetime and could be passed down in the family for generations. These sets if well looked after will increase in financial value over the long term but will become priceless as a family tradition passed from parent to child.


We hope that you will enjoy the fine sets that we have on offer and encourage you to check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter as our range will change and expand over time.