Heirloom Quality Staunton Chess Sets

These are the very finest quality Staunton pattern chess sets available in the world today. Our heirloom sets are hand crafted by our manufacturer Chopra Chess in India. Heirloom sets if cared for properly will outlast you, you can pass them on to your children or grandchildren and they will become treasured family heirlooms over time. They maintain their value and eventually increase in value in the decades to come if well looked after.

Beware of fakes! There are many cheap copies of the best sets, similar looking sets that lack the fine detail and high quality finishing of the genuine article. Many sellers sell chess sets as "ebony" when in fact they are cheaper woods that are stained to appear ebony. We have the real thing at better prices than the top international stores. True ebony sets can not be mistaken when handled, the ebony pieces are considerably heavier than similar pieces of inferior wood.