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The Beginner Set

The Beginner Set

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Most people begin their chess journey playing on plastic sets from the local mall. A hand-made wooden Staunton chess set from the master craftsmen of India will change your experience of the game altogether.

This affordable set comes with the Classic Staunton Chess Pieces paired with the Rechapados Ferrer Mahogany & Maple Chess Board. At this price range, there is no better option. One game on this set and there's no going back to the world of plastic chess. A little goes a long way. 

This set includes:

1x Classic Staunton Chess Pieces (3.25")

1x Rechapados Ferrer Mahogany & Maple Chess Board (Medium - Without Notation)

Board dimensions: 40cm by 40cm with 45mm squares


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Customer Reviews

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Really Good, Glad to Have a High Quality Chess Retailer in SA

The crosses on the kings are more stubby than in the pictures, the white queen has a sizable scuff mark on the base, and one of the white rooks has a weird discolour in the grain on one side, but I think almost everything else is actually perfect. Everything looks and feels incredible, i don't think I'll need to buy another chess set for the rest of my life.

FYI - the set does not include extra queens and the board doesn't have any rubber/felt pads underneath. Also, the light squares on the board are made with a softer wood and can dent easily, so be careful.

Harald Keichel

Very good quality

Great beginner's chess set!!!

Such a great product and the perfect beginner's chest set!

Roland du Plessis
Beginner Set

Great Set to start practicing your skills. All the pieces are unique and well balanced. Would love to see what the more advanced sets have to offer.